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David Textiles - Digital Prints

Printed Exclusively for Foust Textiles 

100% Cotton

45" Wide

15 Yard Put-Up


A “PRAYER FOR PEACE” is a poignant reminder that peace in our world is always possible for those who believe and pray.

The dramatic figure of a Prophet occupies the rocky heights above the city. To my mind, he is a Christ figure, but I have treated him with a deep spirituality that could well be embraced by people of other beliefs. Illuminated by a radiant moon, this holy person prays with all the fervor of his faith, that the warm glow of moonlight can wrap the walled city in a spiritual blanket of serenity. The hope pervades “A PRAYER FOR PEACE” is a profound reminder that through fervent prayer each of us might find peace…… for our soul first and perhaps for our world as well.

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