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Seersucker & Gingham

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Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, used to make clothing for spring and summer wear.

Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn. It is made of carded, medium or fine yarns, where the coloring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain. 

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RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-107 Petal


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-12 Grey


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-143 Coral


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-2 Black


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-241 Seafoam


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-28 Kelly


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-3 Red


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-336 Fog


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-51 Jade


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-67 Denim


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-9 Navy


RK-Gingham 1" Checks - P-9811-93 Scarlet


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-9 Orange


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 15 Candy


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 186 Silver


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 241 Seafoam


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 28 Kelly


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 51 Jade


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 62 Indigo


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 67 Denim


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 7 Lavender


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P 5689 93 Scarlet


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-1 Royal


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-10 Turquoise


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-11 Black


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-12 Pink


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-14 Yellow


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-153 Sand


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-167 Chocolate


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-17 Periwinkle


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-18 Navy


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-19 Crimson


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-3 Fuchsia


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-4 Lime


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-55 Sweet Pea


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-56 Pond


RK-Gingham 1/8th Checks P-5689-8 Purple


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-110 Hot Pink


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-2 Pink


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-3 Royal


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-4 Red


RK-Seersucker Check CXS 2902-137 Lemon


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-12 Grey


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-143 Coral


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-214 Khaki


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-250 Lupine


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-42 Palm


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-63 Sky


RK-Seersucker Check CXS-2902-69 Midnight


RK-Seersucker CXS-13598-202 Americana


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-13958-239 Sorbet


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-13958-32 Mint


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-12 Grey


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-143 Coral


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-150 Lupine


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-214 Khaki


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-42 Palm


RK-Seersucker Stripe CXS-2901-63 Sky


RK-Seersucker stripe CXS-2901-69 Midnight


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-110 Hot Pink


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-2 Pink


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-20 White


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-4 Red


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-5 Black


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-6 Lime


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-7 Orange


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-1 Blue


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-174 Espresso


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-3 Royal


RK-Seersucker Stripes CXS-2901-81 Turquoise


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