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100% Polyester Fleece is a soft napped insulating fabric made from polyester.

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BT-Winterfleece 44162-2 Chevron Blue


BT-Winterfleece 46307-X Deer Camo


BT-Winterfleece 46376-1 White April Butterfly


BT-Winterfleece 46376-5 Grey April Butterfly


BT-Winterfleece 46416-1 Northern Lights


BT-Winterfleece 46441-2 Red Southwest Stripe


BT-Winterfleece 46441-3 Blue Southwest Stripe


BT-Winterfleece 47640-1 Bright Dinos


BT-Winterfleece 50724-1 Navy Ventura Floral


BT-Winterfleece 50724-2 Grey Ventura Floral


BT-Winterfleece 50726GH-1 Collegiate Plaid Navy


BT-Winterfleece 50726GH-2 Collegiate Plaid Crimson


BT-Winterfleece 50727-X Movie Night


BT-Winterfleece 50728-X Rainbow Plaid


BT-Winterfleece 50729-1 Monkeys


BT-Winterfleece 50730-1 Hearts


BT-Winterfleece 50731-1 Jungle Animals


BT-Winterfleece 50732-1 Teal Butterflies


BT-Winterfleece 50732-2 Mustard Butterflies


BT-Winterfleece 50733-1 Strawberries


BT-Winterfleece 50734-1 Hedgehogs


BT-Winterfleece 50735-1 Beauty Sleep


BT-Winterfleece 50736-X Otters


BT-Winterfleece 50737-1 Pandas


BT-Winterfleece 50738-1 Wolves


BT-Winterfleece 50739-1 Coco Santa Fe


BT-Winterfleece 50739-2 Purple Santa Fe


BT-Winterfleece 50752-X Multi Paws


BT-Winterfleece Brown 8400


BT-Winterfleece Electric Blue 6900


BT-WinterFleece Hunters Orange 3001


BT-WinterFleece Orange 3000


BT-Winterfleece Royal Blue 6102


BT-Winterfleece Solid 7900 Jolly


CF-Fantastic Beasts 2390003A-3 Grey Symbols on Fleece Fantastic Beasts


CF-Harry Potter 2380008A-1 White Hogwarts on Fleece Harry Potter


CF-Harry Potter 2380111A-1 Red Gryffindor on Fleece Harry Potter


CF-Harry Potter 2380112A 01 HP Ravenclaw in Blue Fleece


CF-Harry Potter 2380113A-1 Green Slytherin on Fleece Harry Potter


CF-Harry Potter 2380114A 01 HP Hufflepuff in Yellow Fleece


CF-Mossy Oak 46170101A Break-up Country – Fleece


CF-Mossy Oak 46170102A Shadowgrass Blades – Fleece


CF-Mossy Oak 46170103A Break-up Winter – Fleece


CF-Mossy Oak 46170104A Break-Up Blaze – Fleece


CF-Mossy Oak 46170105A Break-up Pink – Fleece


CF-NBA 82BKLN00005A Brooklyn Nets - Fleece


CF-NBA 82BOS00005A Boston Celtics - Fleece


CF-NBA 82MIA00005A Miami Heat - Fleece


CF-NBA 83BKLN0006A Brooklyn Nets – Block – Fleece


CF-NBA 83BOS0002A Boston Celtics - Fleece


CF-NBA 83BOS0006B Boston Celtics - Fleece


CF-NBA 83CHI0002A BULLS - Fleece




CF-NBA 83DAL0006A Dallas Mavericks - Fleece




CF-NBA 83LAC0006A Los Angeles Clippers - Fleece


CF-NBA 83LAL0006A Los Angeles Lakers - Fleece




CF-NBA 83NYK0006A New York Knicks - Fleece


CF-NBA 83OKC0002A Oklahoma City Thunder – Fleece




CF-NBA 83SAS0002A SPURS - Fleece


CF-Star Wars - Last Jedi 7360326 First Order Soldiers Fleece


CF-Star Wars - Rogue One 7370107A Fleece


CF-Star Wars Refresh 73010328A 01 Tossed logo in Multi – Fleece


CF-Star Wars Refresh 7310014A Dearth Vader Blocks – Fleece


CF-Star Wars Refresh 7360217A 1 Heroes – Fleece


CF-Star Wars Refresh 7360224A 1 Stormtroopers in Circles – Fleece


CF-Star Wars Refresh 7360225A 1 Heroes Ships – Fleece


Clemson University CLEM-014 Fleece


Florida Univeristy of FL-820 Fleece/Camo


Florida University of FL-038 Fleece


Florida University of FL-158 Fleece


Florida University of FL-812 Fleece


Foust Fleece Solids Darks - Black


Foust Fleece Solids Lights - Ivory


Foust Fleece Solids Lights - Pink


FT-MLB Fleece 14490-B Cleveland Indians


FT-MLB Fleece 14549-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Fleece 14598-B Chicago White Sox


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