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100% Polyester Fleece is a soft napped insulating fabric made from polyester.

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CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 21191701M-02 Charcoal - Winter Florals


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 21191702M-02 Charcoal - Rustic Holiday


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 21191703M-01 Red - Buffalo Plaid


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 21191706M-02 Charcoal - Lumberjack Moose


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 23130113M-01 Green - Elf Play Time Toss


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 23421483M-01 Grey - Halloween Batman Kawaii


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 23800261M-03 Orange - HP Hogwarts Halloween


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 23800689M-02 Black - HP Snowflake Houses


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 272710201M-01 Charcoal - Pumpkin Patch


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 272710202M-01 Peach - I Heart PSL


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 272710205M-02 Cream - Harvest Delivery


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 62010206M-03 Navy - Rudolph Character Names


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 73010346M-01 Grey - Star Wars Vader & Trooper in Santa Hats


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 73800270M-02 Black - Star Wars Gimme Candy


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 73800287M-02 Pink - Little Valentine


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 85270907M-02 Grey - Bewitching Halloween


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 85271028M-01 Navy - Micky Mouse Joy to the World


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 85271030M-01 Pink - Mickey Mouse Valentine XOXO


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 85390501M-01 Pink - Nightmare Before Christmas Valentine


CF-Holiday Minky Fleece 96390101M-01 Orange - Casper Costume Fun


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 13021081M-03 Blue - Heroes on Comics


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 13080029M-06 Aqua - Spiderman Logo and Head Toss


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 13080030M-02 Red - Spiderman Pow Thwip Woo Hoo


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23400888M-03 Blue - Batman Doodle


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23400895M-04 Pink - Wonder Woman Doodle


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23400911M-01 Blue - Superman Qualities Doodle


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23600104M-01 Multi - Party


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23700303M-04 Teal - Mystery Machine


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23720285M-03 Purple - Friends Best Life


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 2380004PM-01 Multi - Harry Potter Group Shot Panel


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23800176M-01 Tan - Harry Potter Marauder's Map


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23800697M-01 Cream - Soft Magic Hogwarts


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23800702M-02 Burgundy - Soft Magic Harry


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 23800805M-01 Indigo - Illustrated Houses


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 44010601M-01 Multi - Believers


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 44010611PM-01 Blue - Hug Life Panel


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73010995M-02 Blue - Rebel Dreams


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73010996M-03 Grey - Empire Dreams


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73011355M-01 Multi - Crowd Classics


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73011357M-01 Multi - Crowd Trooper


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 7310018PM-01 Multi - Star Wars Classic Heroes Panel


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73800289M-03 Navy - Child Star


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 73800299M-01 Grey - Child Floral Banner


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 85102101M-03 Navy - Heart of a Princess Palace


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 85102102M-02 Green - Heart of a Princess All Over the World


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 85240201M-02 Blue - Stitch Garden


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 85410403M-02 Navy - A Friend in Me


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 85500104M-01 Purple - We are the Magic


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 95010130M-01 Multi - My Little Pony Peek-A-Boo


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 95220101M-01 Light Blue - Peppa Friends in Space


CF-Licensed Minky Fleece 95220104M-02 Navy - Peppa Face Toss


CF-Minky Fleece 21181701M-02 Navy - Born to Be Mild


CF-Minky Fleece 21181701M-03 White - Born to Be Mild


CF-Minky Fleece 21192302M-01 Blue - Animal Flower Crowns


CF-Minky Fleece 21192302M-02 Blush - Animal Flower Crowns


CF-Minky Fleece 21192303M-01 Multi - Playful Animal Block


CF-Minky Fleece 21200407M-01 White - Bright Gummy Bears


CF-Minky Fleece 21200409M-02 Blue - Bright Balloon Animals


CF-Minky Fleece 21210201M-01 Coral - Sushi-Mania


CF-Minky Fleece 21210203M-02 Mint - Maneki-Neko


CF-Minky Fleece 21210204M-01 Multi - Seigaiha


CF-Minky Fleece 21210205M-02 Blush - Maki Love


CF-Minky Fleece 50210905M-01 Multi - Women


CF-Minky Fleece 50210906M-01 White - Colourful Animals Spots


CF-Minky Fleece 50211002M-01 Purple - Celestial Unicorns


CF-Minky Fleece 50211004M-01 Light Pink - Cosmic Rockets


CF-Minky Fleece 50211005M-01 Navy - Astral Solar System


CF-Minky Fleece 50211201M-01 Purple - Mew Around


CF-Minky Fleece 50211202M-03 Blush - Kitten Constellations


CF-Minky Fleece 50211205M-01 Grey - Kitten Overload


CF-Minky Fleece 55190201M-01 White - Life


CF-Minky Fleece 55190201M-02 Pink - Life


CF-Minky Fleece 55190203M-01 Light Purple - Surrender


CF-Minky Fleece 55200101M-02 Navy - Classic Blue Floral


CF-Minky Fleece 55200102M-01 White - Express Yourself


CF-Minky Fleece 55200106M-01 Blue - Indigo Shibori Tiles


CF-Minky Fleece 61220101M-01 Cream - English Tea


CF-Minky Fleece 61220102M-02 Aqua - Loyal Blue Jays


CF-Minky Fleece 61220103M-01 Cream - Countryside


CF-Minky Fleece 66210101M-02 Teal - Mermaid Ocean Life


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