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100% Polyester Fleece is a soft napped insulating fabric made from polyester.

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PROMO* FT-Blizzard Fleece 1355-3532 Blue Black Plaid


PROMO* FT-Juventus International Soccer Fleece


PROMO* FT-No-Sew Fleece Throw Kit (True Timber Camo Blanket)


PROMO* FT-Sports Ball Fleece Prints MFP-300-05 Gold - Soccer


PROMO* FT-Sports Ball Fleece Prints MFP-301-07 Red/Black - Footballs


PROMO* FT-Sports Ball Fleece Prints MFP-303-30 Green/White - Basketballs


PROMO* FT-Sports Ball Fleece Prints MFP-303-60 Purple/White - Basketballs


SC-Disney Frozen (2) 70046-1600710 Best Friends Fleece


SC-Disney Frozen (2) 70075-1600710 Frozen 2 Sisters Packed Fleece


SC-Disney Toy Story 72785 Toy Story 4 Character Stars (Fleece)


SC-Lion King 69028 Lion King Roar - Fleece


SC-Lion King 70737 Lion King Blue Badges - Fleece


SC-Toy Story (4) 69231 Forky Toss - Fleece


Alabama University of AL-158 Fleece


Alabama University of AL-812 Fleece


Alabama University of AL-812 Fleece


Arkansas University of ARK-158 Fleece


Auburn University AU-095 Fleece/Argyle


Baum-Classic Solid Fleece 1000 White


Baum-Classic Solid Fleece 4102 New Rose


Baum-Classic Solid Fleece 6502 Peacock


Baum-Classic Solid Fleece 7106 Olive


Baum-Classic Solid Fleece 9000 Black


Baum-Micro Chamois Solid 1000 White


Baum-Micro Chamois Solid 4200 Lt Pink


Baum-Micro Chamois Solid 9302 Charcoal Heather Grey


BT-Micro Chamois 7200 Lime Green


BT-Micro Chamois Solid 6000 Navy


BT-Micro Chamois Solids 4000 Red


BT-Micro Chamois Solids 5202 Pink Light


BT-Micro Chamois Solids 7000 Hunter


BT-Winterfleece 1406-4 Camel Paw


BT-Winterfleece 1406-6 Black Paws


BT-Winterfleece 15242-X Norwegian Woods


BT-Winterfleece 17030-1 Black Dog Bones


BT-Winterfleece 17061-2 Red Plaid


BT-Winterfleece 17365-2 Woodland Camo


BT-Winterfleece 19269-X Zebra


BT-Winterfleece 19305-X Leopard Skin


BT-Winterfleece 19999-X Forest


BT-Winterfleece 20174-X Plaid Black


BT-Winterfleece 20200-X Hot Rod


BT-Winterfleece 21707-X Red Birds


BT-Winterfleece 22359-1 Light Blue


BT-Winterfleece 22359-3 Dark Blue Blizzard


BT-Winterfleece 23973-X Jigsaw Puzzle


BT-Winterfleece 24524-X Deer in the Forest


BT-Winterfleece 26059-1 Cody Copper


BT-Winterfleece 26578-X Saturn


BT-Winterfleece 27028F-2 Camo Pink


BT-Winterfleece 27914-X Baying at the Moon


BT-Winterfleece 30475-1 Med Dot Blue


BT-Winterfleece 31433-1 Black Canyon


BT-Winterfleece 31433-4 Turquoise Canyon


BT-Winterfleece 31771-X Puppies


BT-Winterfleece 31772-X Kittens


BT-Winterfleece 33297-2 Camel Plaid


BT-Winterfleece 33753-3 Blanket Turq


BT-Winterfleece 34306-X Owls


BT-Winterfleece 34335-4 Black


BT-Winterfleece 34335-5 Tan


BT-Winterfleece 34373-1 Socky Tan


BT-Winterfleece 34373-2 Socky Turq


BT-Winterfleece 35029-1 Plaid Red


BT-Winterfleece 35988-1 Bubble Duck


BT-Winterfleece 36459-X Packed Horses


BT-Winterfleece 36460-X Foliage


BT-Winterfleece 36672-X Elephants


BT-Winterfleece 37132-X Jungle Book


BT-Winterfleece 37146-X Marsh camo


BT-Winterfleece 37223-1 Chevron Black


BT-Winterfleece 38062-1 Bandana Red


BT-Winterfleece 38062-2 Bandana Navy


BT-Winterfleece 38067-1 Piano Keys


BT-Winterfleece 39349-2 Warrior Black


BT-Winterfleece 39603-1 Gone Fishing


BT-Winterfleece 40912-1 Emoticons


BT-Winterfleece 41022-2 Paisley Black


BT-Winterfleece 43427-1 Ombre Horses


BT-Winterfleece 44159-1 Nerdy Forest Friends


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