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Cotton Polyester Blend

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Cotton Polyester Blend ratios vary, with 65% cotton and 35% polyester being the most common. The blend is designed to afford the advantages of both the cotton and polyester fibers into one fabric.

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PROMO* FT-Broadcloth 110 x 76 - Light Blue


PROMO* FT-Broadcloth 110 x 76 - Light Peach


PROMO* FT-Broadcloth 110 x 76 - Turquoise


PROMO* SC-Tremode 1501427P Houdini Orange


PROMO* SC-Tremode 68367-C270725 Pebble


PROMO* SC-Tremode 68367-F160725 Rose Quartz


SC-Weavers Cloth Plain 1563820CH Natural


SC-Weavers Cloth Plain 1563821CH White


45" White Broadcloth 110 X 76


60" White Broadcloth 110 X 76


90 inch Sheeting - Burgundy


90 inch Sheeting - Hunter


90 inch Sheeting - Natural


90 inch Sheeting - Navy


90 inch Sheeting - Red


90 inch Sheeting - White


90 inch Sheeting Brown


90 inch Sheeting Maize


90 inch Sheeting Sage


90 inch Sheeting Taupe


Duck Cloth-Avocado


Duck Cloth-Black


Duck Cloth-Burnt Scarlet


Duck Cloth-Delaware Grass


Duck Cloth-Fuchsia


Duck Cloth-Gold


Duck Cloth-Grey


Duck cloth-Hunter


Duck Cloth-Khaki


Duck Cloth-Moss


Duck Cloth-Natural


Duck Cloth-Navy


Duck Cloth-Nutmeg


Duck Cloth-Orange


Duck Cloth-Potting Soil Brown


Duck Cloth-Pure Cream


Duck Cloth-Red


Duck Cloth-Royal


Duck Cloth-Sage


Duck Cloth-Snap Pink


Duck Cloth-Stone


Duck Cloth-Turquoise


Duck Cloth-Viking Purple


Duck Cloth-White


Duck Cloth-Yellow


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