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Cork is the bark of the cork-oak tree which grows mainly in Mediterranean regions, such as Portugal. ... This natural cork fabric, or cork leather as it's often called, is perfect for making bags & wallets. It's backed with a thin layer of fabric similar to a faux leather.

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BF-Printed Cork Fabric B25C-1012 Crocodile


BF-Printed Cork Fabric B25C-1013 Tiger


BF-Printed Cork Fabric B25C-1014 Snake


BF-Printed Cork Fabric B25C-1015 Leopard


BF-Printed Cork Fabric B25C-1016 Zebra


ES-Landscape Medley 586 Cork


FT-Real Cork Fabric 25C-97


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-90-10 Gold Metallic


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-90-11 Silver Metallic


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-90-81 Bronze Metallic


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-91


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-92


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-93


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-94


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-95 w/ Gold Metallic Accents


FT-Real Cork Fabric 54C-96


WF-Cork 50108CM-1 Cork Fabric w/Metallic Accent


WF-Cork 50950CM-2 Shimmer Dot Real Cork Fabric w/Metallic


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