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Burlap is a coarse fabric woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber, used especially for sacking and decorations. 

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FT-NFL Burlap 6474-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Burlap 6477-D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Burlap 6494-D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Burlap 6495-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Burlap 6496-D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Burlap 6498-D San Francisco 49ers


FT-Woodland Camo Burlap


Jafar Burlap - 29 Colors


PROMO* SC-Burlap Fleur De Lis Pre-Cut Package


Camo Burlap- Woodlawn Pattern


Raw Burlap 10 oz 19" Wide


Raw Burlap 10 oz 5" Wide


Raw Burlap 10 oz. 40" wide


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