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Freckle & Lollie

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FL-A Swell Noel D100-LY Cream - Holiday Forest


FL-A Swell Noel D101-W White - Holly Doodle


FL-A Swell Noel D102-G Green - Mistletoe


FL-A Swell Noel D96-G Green - Dashing Reindeer


FL-A Swell Noel D97-E Blue - Best in Snow-Man


FL-A Swell Noel D98-LE Lt Green - Fa La La


FL-A Swell Noel D99-R Red - Sweet Treats


FL-Autumn Glory D80-Z Black - November Harvest


FL-Autumn Glory D81-D Brown - Harvest Gnome


FL-Autumn Glory D82-O Orange - Ombre Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D83-D Brown - Autumn Floral


FL-Autumn Glory D84-D Brown - Pumpkin Plaid


FL-Autumn Glory D85-D Brown - Autumn Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D86-C Cream - Autumn Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D87-O Orange - Harvest Texture


FL-Autumn Glory D88-G Green - Team Turkey


FL-Barnyard Serenade D116-W Yellow - Hay Patch


FL-Barnyard Serenade D117-Y Yellow - Barnyard Serenade


FL-Barnyard Serenade D118-C Cream - Not So Green Acres


FL-Barnyard Serenade D119-B Blue - Grand Prix


FL-Barnyard Serenade D120-R Red - Free Range Follies


FL-Barnyard Serenade D121-B Blue - Free Range Follies


FL-Barnyard Serenade D122-R Red - Serenade Sunflowers


FL-Barnyard Serenade D123-C Multi - Tractor Crossing


FL-Barnyard Serenade D124-C Multi - Serenade Stripe


FL-Barnyard Serenade D125-C Multi - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-B Blue - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-R Red - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-Y Yellow - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D127-W White - Star Shine


FL-Belle & Blue D12-A Pink - Butterflies


FL-Belle & Blue D13-V Purple - Ladybugs & Daisies


FL-Belle & Blue D14-V Purple - Unicorn Rainbow


FL-Belle & Blue D15-A Pink - Fun Stripes


FL-Belle & Blue D15-B Blue - Fun Stripes


FL-Belle & Blue D16-V Purple - Stars


FL-Belle & Blue D16-Z Black - Stars


FL-Belle & Blue D17-A Pink - Fun Dots


FL-Belle & Blue D18-Z Black - Lizards


FL-Belle & Blue D19-N Navy - Turtles


FL-Belle & Blue D20-Z Black - Dinos


FL-Belle & Blue D21-Z Black - Geckos


FL-Belle & Blue D22-Z Black - Fun Dots


FL-Belle & Blue D23-W White - Fun Dots


FL-Bow Wow Meow D24-Z Black - Glamour Kitty


FL-Bow Wow Meow D25-Z Black - Playtime Kitty


FL-Bow Wow Meow D26-Z Black - Lollie Bandana


FL-Bow Wow Meow D27-Z Black - Puppy Playtime


FL-Bow Wow Meow D28-Z Black - Paws & Bones


FL-Bow Wow Meow D29-B Blue - Freckle Bandana


FL-Bow Wow Meow D30-C Cream - Wag & Woof Words


FL-Extra Credit D72-N Navy - Cosmic Classroom


FL-Extra Credit D73-Z Black - Bookworm


FL-Extra Credit D74-N Navy - Extra Credit


FL-Extra Credit D75-T Natural - Fab Lab


FL-Extra Credit D76-Z Black - Metric Math


FL-Extra Credit D77-Z Black - Mini Music


FL-Extra Credit D78-B Blue - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D78-RN Red/Navy - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D78-Z Black - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D79-W White - Take 5


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D31-W White - Little Buckaroo's


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D32-B Blue - Wagons


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D32-T Tan - Wagons


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D33-W White - Horseshoes


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D34-B Blue - Bandana


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D34-R Red - Bandana


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D35-D Brown - Cowhide


FL-Howdy Pard'ner D36-T Tan - Branding Irons


FL-Lollie Snacks D37-Z Black - Senor Taco


FL-Lollie Snacks D38-Z Black - Peppers Please!


FL-Lollie Snacks D39-E Blue - It's Snacktime!


FL-Lollie Snacks D40-E Blue - Happy Hour


FL-Lollie Snacks D41-LY Light Yellow - Morning Snack


FL-Lollie Snacks D42-E Blue - Drive Through Snacks


FL-Love to All D68-A Bright - Rainbow Flowers


FL-Love to All D69-Z Black - Pride Celebration


FL-Love to All D70-A Bright - Rainbow Star


FL-Love to All D71-Z Black - Peace Signs


FL-Maisie's Garden D56-A Pink - Maisie's Bouquet


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