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For over 25 years Fabric Traditions has prided itself on being a creative fabric supplier for the home sewing industry. Today they continue to provide new and innovative fabric designs while remaining true to their ideals. Fabric Traditions works with exciting distinctive licensees and designers in hopes of inspiring you to create something amazing.
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FT-Christmas 14797-WS White - Snowflakes Swirls w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 16321 ES Aqua - Tossed Santa Faces w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17026 NG Navy - Tossed Gingerbread w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17906 Z Black - Dog Bones Adorned with Ribbon


FT-Christmas Cuties 17908 BS Blue - Penguins in Winter Attire w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17912 ZS Black - Colorful Snowflakes w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17913 LZS Gray - Polar Bears and Wreaths w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17914 B Blue - Holiday Avocados


FT-Christmas Cuties 17916 ES Turquoise - Tossed Puppy Heads w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17917 BS Blue - Tossed Dogs in Winter Attire w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17918 CG Tan - Holiday Mail w/Glitter


FT-Christmas Cuties 17919 Z Black - Fancy Candy Canes on Dotted Black


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-CG Cream with Gold Glitter


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-LAC Pink with Silver Glitter


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-WS White with Silver Glitter


FT-Double Face Quilted Prints 18259-LBQ


FT-Double Face Quilted Prints 18265-GGQ


FT-Double Face Quilted Prints 3959-CAQ


FT-Fall Holidays 15990-Z Sunflower Burst


FT-Fall Holidays 16006-X Autumn Leaves


FT-Fall Holidays 16052-LZS GLITTER Hallows Eve


FT-Fall Holidays 16957-LZ Web Magic


FT-Fall Holidays 16961-Z Hot Yoga Bones


FT-Fall Holidays 16970-D Colourful Leaves


FT-Fall Holidays 17000-LZ Musical Skeletons


FT-Fall Holidays 17819-Z Skeleton Halloween


FT-Fall Holidays 17821-N Shark Halloween


FT-Fall Holidays 17824-V Witch Flight


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 16297-C Cream - Chickadees w/Holly & Pine Cones


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17823-ZS Black - Christmas Party Gnomes w/Glitter


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17842-ES Teal - Multi Reindeer w/Glitter


FT-Heart of America 14125-X Red/White - Stars on Stripe


FT-Keepsake Calico 3314 LV Purple - Sundrenched Dragonfly


FT-Keepsake Calico 3315 B Royal - Sundrenched Flowers


FT-Keepsake Calico 3315 LE Aqua - Sundrenched Flowers


FT-MLB Cotton 14413-B Boston Red Sox


FT-MLB Cotton 14414-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 14416-B Detroit Tigers


FT-MLB Cotton 14417-B Kansas City Royals


FT-MLB Cotton 14418-B Los Angeles Dodgers


FT-MLB Cotton 14433-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Cotton 14544B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 60023-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 60028-B Milwaukee Brewers


FT-MLB Cotton 60049-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Cotton 60252-B New York Yankees


FT-MLB Cotton 60255-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Cotton 60271-B Philadelphia Phillies


FT-MLB Cotton 60298-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Cotton 60341-B Milwaukee Brewers


FT-MLB Cotton 60397-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 60398-B Los Angeles Dodgers


FT-MLB Cotton 60399-B New York Yankees


FT-MLB Cotton 60443-B Cleveland Guardians


FT-MLB Cotton 6653-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Cotton 6658-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Cotton 6666-B New York Mets


FT-MLB Cotton 6676-B Toronto Blue Jays


FT-MLB Cotton 6679-B Arizona Diamondbacks


FT-MLB Cotton 6682-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Cotton 6686-B Miami Marlins


FT-MLB Flannel 60076 Chicago White Sox Plaid


FT-MLB Flannel 60087 Los Angeles Angels Plaid


FT-MLB Flannel 60095 Los Angeles Dodgers Tie Dye


FT-MLB Flannel 60372 Pittsburgh Pirates Plaid


FT-MLB Flannel 60373 San Francisco Giants Plaid


FT-MLB Flannel 60378 Pittsburgh Pirates Tie Dye


FT-MLB Fleece 14549-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Fleece 60069-B Colorado Rockies


FT-MLB Fleece 60178-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Fleece 60342-B Milwaukee Brewers


FT-MLB Fleece 60439-B Cleveland Guardians


FT-MLB Fleece 6553-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Fleece 6669-B Kansas City Royals


FT-MLB Fleece 6674-B New York Mets


FT-MLB Fleece 6677-B Toronto Blue Jays


FT-MLB Fleece 6680-B Arizona Diamondbacks


FT-MLB Fleece 6683-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Fleece 6687-B Boston Red Sox


FT-MLB Fleece 6689-B Pittsburgh Pirates


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