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For over 25 years Fabric Traditions has prided itself on being a creative fabric supplier for the home sewing industry. Today they continue to provide new and innovative fabric designs while remaining true to their ideals. Fabric Traditions works with exciting distinctive licensees and designers in hopes of inspiring you to create something amazing.
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FT-Christmas 15435-RS Red - Small Santa w/Glitter


FT-Christmas 15505-ZG Black - Christmas Trees w/Gold Glitter


FT-Christmas 16289-BS Light Blue - Tossed Snowflakes w/Glitter


FT-Christmas 16321-LZS Gray - Tossed Santa Heads w/Glitter


FT-Christmas 17047-BS Blue - Snowflakes w/Glitter


FT-Christmas 17084-B Blue - Christmas Cats


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-CG Cream with Gold Glitter


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-LAC Pink with Silver Glitter


FT-Crystalline Glitter Solids 5555-WS White with Silver Glitter


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 16297-C Cream - Chickadees w/Holly & Pine Cones


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17823-ZS Black - Christmas Party Gnomes w/Glitter


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17839-B Multi - Christmas Time in the Forest


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17842-ES Teal - Multi Reindeer w/Glitter


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17843-E Blue - Christmas Sharks


FT-Foust Holiday Exclusives 17846-N Blue - Tossed Christmas Fun


FT-Glitter Favorites 13659-NS Out Of This World Glitter Planets


FT-Glitter Favorites 3296-AS Pink Butterflies


FT-Glitter Favorites 3296-VS Violet Butterflies


FT-Heart of America 14122-N Navy - Star Dots


FT-Heart of America 14125-X Red/White - Stars on Stripe


FT-MLB Cotton 14413-B Boston Red Sox


FT-MLB Cotton 14414-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 14416-B Detroit Tigers


FT-MLB Cotton 14417-B Kansas City Royals


FT-MLB Cotton 14418-B Los Angeles Dodgers


FT-MLB Cotton 14433-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Cotton 14544B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 60271-B Philadelphia Phillies


FT-MLB Cotton 60341-B Milwaukee Brewers


FT-MLB Cotton 60397-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Cotton 60398-B Los Angeles Dodgers


FT-MLB Cotton 60399-B New York Yankees


FT-MLB Cotton 6653-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Cotton 6658-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Cotton 6666-B New York Mets


FT-MLB Cotton 6676-B Toronto Blue Jays


FT-MLB Cotton 6679-B Arizona Diamondbacks


FT-MLB Cotton 6682-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Cotton 6686-B Miami Marlins


FT-MLB Fleece 14403-B Chicago Cubs


FT-MLB Fleece 14490-B Cleveland Indians


FT-MLB Fleece 14549-B Washington Nationals


FT-MLB Fleece 60051-B All MLB Teams


FT-MLB Fleece 60069-B Colorado Rockies


FT-MLB Fleece 6553-B St Louis Cardinals


FT-MLB Fleece 6669-B Kansas City Royals


FT-MLB Fleece 6674-B New York Mets


FT-MLB Fleece 6677-B Toronto Blue Jays


FT-MLB Fleece 6680-B Arizona Diamondbacks


FT-MLB Fleece 6683-B Houston Astros


FT-MLB Fleece 6687-B Boston Red Sox


FT-MLB Fleece 6689-B Pittsburgh Pirates


FT-MLB Fleece 6691-B Los Angeles Dodgers


FT-NFL Cotton 14443 Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Cotton 14447-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 14448-D Las Vegas Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 14449-D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Cotton 14450-D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Cotton 14494-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Cotton 14498-D Las Vegas Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 14500-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 14501-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Cotton 14727 D Detroit Lions


FT-NFL Cotton 14728 D Jacksonville Jaguars


FT-NFL Cotton 14735-D Philadelphia Eagles


FT-NFL Cotton 14837-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Cotton 6041 D Baltimore Ravens


FT-NFL Cotton 6209 W Atlanta Falcons


FT-NFL Cotton 6239 D Arizona Cardinals


FT-NFL Cotton 6470 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Cotton 6718 Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Cotton 6735 D Cleveland Browns


FT-NFL Cotton 70171 D Tennessee Titans


FT-NFL Cotton 70294 D New York Jets


FT-NFL Cotton 70384-D Las Vegas Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 70401 Los Angeles Rams


FT-NFL Cotton 70409 D Los Angeles Chargers


FT-NFL Cotton 70411-D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Cotton 70412-D San Francisco 49ers


FT-NFL Cotton 70413-D Pittsburgh Steelers


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