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What hasn't changed? Quality product and quality service. They're just as true now as they were 40 years ago. Small order, big orders, traditional requests or a little out there - at Fabri-quilt we work hard to exceed customer expectations.

This means maintaining a top-notch manufacturing facility with machines that are always running at peak performance. This means employing a workforce that takes pride in their work, just as you do in yours. This means continually offering varying and creative materials for your quilted and unquilted needs. This means keeping a large inventory in a variety of styles to quickly and efficiently service customer requests. This means manufacturing and warehousing product at a centrally located facility in North Kansas City, Missouri for fast deliveries across the nation and across the globe.

And, together, this means you're assured quality product and quality service.


Church Kitchen Ladies

Mountain View


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FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10861 Burnt Orange Camouflage


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10871 Burnt Orange Defenders of Freedom 36" Panel


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10921 Burnt Orange Constitution


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10922 Beige Constitution


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10961 Burnt Orange Defenders of Freedom Helicopters


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13171 Peppers


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13181 Potatoes


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13191 Corn


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13201 Peas


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13211 Tomatoes


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13221 Mushrooms


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13231 Olives


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13241 Garlic


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13251 Green Beans


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13261 Lemonade - Mixed Fruit


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13271 Strawberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13281 Blueberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13291 Cherries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13301 Peaches


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13311 Watermelon


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13321 Lemons


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13331 Raspberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13341 Oranges


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13351 Apples


PROMO* PS-Have Fun, Stay Safe! 120-21821 Blue - Woodland Creatures


PROMO* PS-Have Fun, Stay Safe! 120-21822 Pink - Woodland Creatures


PROMO* PS-Mask Up! 120-21767 Blue - Shark Lion Bear Gator


PROMO* PS-Mask Up! 120-21768 Yellow - Elephant Zebra Turtle Octopus


PROMO* PS-Mask Up! 120-21769 Pink - Cat Dog Bunny


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19701 Golden/Yellow


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19702 Green


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19703 Purple


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19704 Blue


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19705 Brown


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19706 Red


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19707 Pink/Orange


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19708 Teal/Blue


PS-Forest Fables 120-19614 Multi Forest Animals Treehouse


PS-Forest Fables 120-19615 White Animals Reading


PS-Forest Fables 120-19616 Dark Green Stars, Moon & Lanterns


PS-Forest Fables 120-19617 Multi Stacked Books


PS-Forest Fables 120-19618 Blue Stars


PS-Forest Fables 120-19619 Multi - Forest Animals


PS-Forest Fables 120-19620 Blue Stars, Moon & Lanterns


PS-Forest Fables 120-19621 Green Floral


PS-Forest Fables 120-19622 Green Flowers


PS-Forest Fables 120-19631 Brown Logs


PS-Forest Fables 120-19632 Orange Logs


PS-Fruity 120-19841 White Fruit Toss


PS-Fruity 120-19842 Pink Fruit Toss


PS-Fruity 120-19843 Purple Fruit Toss


PS-Fruity 120-19851 Pink Oranges


PS-Fruity 120-19852 Pink/Tan Oranges


PS-Fruity 120-19852 White Oranges


PS-Fruity 120-19861 Yellow Lemons


PS-Fruity 120-19862 Orange Lemons


PS-Fruity 120-19863 Green Lemons


PS-Fruity 120-19864 Purple Lemons


PS-Fruity 120-19871 Pink Pears


PS-Fruity 120-19872 White Pears


PS-Fruity 120-19873 Tan Pears


PS-Fruity 120-19874 Purple Pears


PS-Fruity 120-19881 Green Slices


PS-Fruity 120-19882 Yellow Slices


PS-Fruity 120-19883 Pink Slices


PS-Fruity 120-19884 Orange Slices


PS-Fruity 120-19892 Pink/White Strawberries


PS-Fruity 120-19893 Pink/Orange Strawberries


PS-Fruity 120-19901 White Cherries


PS-Fruity 120-19902 Dark Grey Cherries


PS-Green Thumb Girls 120-19641 Pink Flowers


PS-Green Thumb Girls 120-19651 Pink - Green Thumb Girls


PS-Green Thumb Girls 120-19661 Tan Hands


PS-Green Thumb Girls 120-19671 Pink - Green Thumb Girls w/Leaves


PS-Green Thumb Girls 120-19681 Cream Leaf


PS-Organic Cotton 210 Count 189-00 White


PS-Organic Cotton 210 Count 189-99 Natural


PS-Organic Cotton 210 Count 189A-001 Midnight


PS-Organic Cotton 210 Count 189A-004 Black


PS-Organic Cotton 210 Count 189A-008 Royal


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