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What hasn't changed? Quality product and quality service. They're just as true now as they were 40 years ago. Small order, big orders, traditional requests or a little out there - at Fabri-quilt we work hard to exceed customer expectations.

This means maintaining a top-notch manufacturing facility with machines that are always running at peak performance. This means employing a workforce that takes pride in their work, just as you do in yours. This means continually offering varying and creative materials for your quilted and unquilted needs. This means keeping a large inventory in a variety of styles to quickly and efficiently service customer requests. This means manufacturing and warehousing product at a centrally located facility in North Kansas City, Missouri for fast deliveries across the nation and across the globe.

And, together, this means you're assured quality product and quality service.

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FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10861 Burnt Orange Camouflage


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10871 Burnt Orange Defenders of Freedom 36" Panel


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10921 Burnt Orange Constitution


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10922 Beige Constitution


FQ-Defenders of Freedom 112-10961 Burnt Orange Defenders of Freedom Helicopters


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13171 Peppers


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13181 Potatoes


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13191 Corn


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13201 Peas


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13211 Tomatoes


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13221 Mushrooms


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13231 Olives


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13241 Garlic


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13251 Green Beans


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13261 Lemonade - Mixed Fruit


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13271 Strawberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13281 Blueberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13291 Cherries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13301 Peaches


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13311 Watermelon


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13321 Lemons


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13331 Raspberries


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13341 Oranges


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13351 Apples


FQ-Painters Palette Solids 121-000 White


FQ-Painters Palette Solids 121-001 Midnight


FQ-Painters Palette Solids 121-004 Ebony


FQ-Painters Palette Solids 121-008 Royal


FQ-Painters Palette Solids 121-067 Christmas Red


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19701 Golden/Yellow


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19702 Green


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19703 Purple


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19704 Blue


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19705 Brown


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19706 Red


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19707 Pink/Orange


PS-Brushstrokes 120-19708 Teal/Blue


FQ-Farmer John's Garden Party 120-13161 Mixed Vegetables


FQ-Allover Rock 148-14191


FQ-Bright Forest 148-14181 Digitally Printed


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31451


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31462


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31471


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31473


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31481


FQ-Church Kitchen Ladies 112-31482


FQ-Painters Palette Solids (173 Colors) 10yd Bolts


FQ-Rolling Water Blue 148-14201


FQ-Rolling Water Green 148-14202


FQ-Run Free 112-30681 Packed Horses


FQ-Run Free 112-30691 Scenic/Horses


FQ-Sky Blue 148-14212


FQ-Sky Lavender 148-14211


FQ-Sky Pink 148-14213


FQ-Smoky Forest 148-14182 Digitally Printed


FQ-Tiny Builders 112-31221


FQ-Tiny Builders 112-31231


FQ-Tiny Builders 112-31251


FQ-Tiny Builders 112-31261


FQ-You Bug Me 120-13771 Ladybugs


FQ-You Bug Me 120-13821 Ants


FQ-You Bug Me 120-13851 Bumblebees




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