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Dear Stella

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STELLA is an inspiring, independent spirit. She is creative, adventurous, and hopelessly romantic. She loves beautiful paper and a perfectly wrapped gift, and always sends handwritten thank you notes. Cookbooks sit pretty on her shelves for more than just cooking, and she always plates her dinner, even if it’s just for one. You may find her spending lazy days savoring coffee while poring over her favorite magazines and blogs, dreaming about the ultimate craft room. She has a strong work ethic, and feels so much pride in making things herself. She loves flip flops and painted toes, furry friends of all shapes and sizes, making a to-do list with her favorite pen, the smell of freshly cut flowers, and the sound of a crackling fire (especially when melting s’mores). She believes brunch makes Sunday the best day of the week, and is never too full for dessert.

And she always holds the door.

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DS-Aloha 1465 Sand - Hula Girls


DS-Aloha 1467 Mint - Sushi


DS-Basics Stella 1560 Berry - Jax


DS-Basics Stella 1560 Tangerine - Jax


DS-Be Brave D2297 Multi - Dream Big


DS-Be Brave D2298 Dusk - Buffalo Plaid


DS-Be Brave D2299 Seaport - Tossed Buffalo


DS-Be Brave D2299 Surf - Tossed Buffalo


DS-Be Brave D2300 White - Be Brave


DS-Be Brave D2301 Surf - Polar Bear Toile


DS-Be Brave D2302 Multi - The Dream


DS-Be Brave D2303 Hazel - Spirit Guides


DS-Be Brave D2303 Midnight - Spirit Guides


DS-Best in Snow DAW 1204 White - Best in Snow Animals


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Aqua - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Autumn - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Bluebell - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Sand - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2370 Multi - Bird Song


DS-Bird Song DRR2371 Persimmon - Feathers


DS-Bird Song DRR2371 Regatta - Feathers


DS-Bird Song DRR2372 White - Nests


DS-Bird Song DRR2373 Cream - Birds


DS-Bird Song DRR2374 Cream - Feathers


DS-Bootylicious 1758 Starlight - Bootylicious


DS-Bootylicious 1759 Starlight - All About the Booty


DS-Bootylicious 1760 Eclipse - Octoward


DS-Bootylicious 1762 Eclipse - Seaweed Floral


DS-Bootylicious 1763 Starlight - Shark Infested Water


DS-Bootylicious 1764 Poppy - Pirate Soup


DS-Bootylicious 1765 White - Flamingos


DS-Bootylicious 1766 Eclipse - Anchors Aweigh


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1215 Mist - Hanging in There


DS-Botanica DRR2287 Multi - Botanica


DS-Botanica DRR2288 White - Flower Tile


DS-Botanica DRR2289 Multi - Rabbits


DS-Botanica DRR2290 Ivy - Butterflies


DS-Botanica DRR2291 Ivy - Ditsy


DS-Botanica DRR2292 Apricot - Cross Stitch


DS-Botanica DRR2292 Ivy - Cross Stitch


DS-Botanica DRR2292 Teal - Cross Stitch


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Autumn - Crimp


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Bluebell - Crimp


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Ivy - Crimp


DS-Cat Call DMB2320 Methyl - Cat Call


DS-Cat Call DMB2321 White - Butt Dial


DS-Cat Call DMB2322 Black - Emojis


DS-Catitude DMB1670 Cream - Rooting for You


DS-Catitude DMB1671 Cream - Cat Garden


DS-Catitude DMB1672 Cream - Where's Kitty?


DS-Catitude DMB1672 Monaco - Where's Kitty?


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1623 White - Heirloom Damask


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1627 White - Campers


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1628 Cadet - Craft Brews


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1630 Midnight - Got Wood?


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1631 Midnight - Wood Grain


DS-Chop It Like It's Hot 1632 Cadet - Chop it Like it's Hot Allover


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2338 White - 24" Wide Dinosaur Panel


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2339 Iron - Roar


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2340 Hedge - Paw Prints


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2340 Lemonade - Paw Prints


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2340 Orion - Paw Prints


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2340 Taupe - Paw Prints


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2341 Iron - Dino Stripe


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2341 White - Dino Stripe


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2342 Cloud - Stomp Stomp


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2343 Iron - Velociraptor


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2344 Sterling - Stegosaurus


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2345 White - D is for Dinosaur


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2346 Hay - T-Rex


DS-D is for Dinosaur DLT2347 Olive - Pterosaur


DS-Enchanted D2348 Indigo - Enchanted


DS-Enchanted D2349 Lilac - Ditsy


DS-Enchanted D2349 White - Ditsy


DS-Enchanted D2350 Indigo - Fairies


DS-Enchanted D2351 Lavender - Pegacorns


DS-Enchanted D2352 Indigo - Gooseberries


DS-Enchanted D2353 Indigo - Enchanted Floral


DS-Enchanted D2354 Indigo - Spellbound


DS-Falling for You DAW1577 Multi - Fall Plaid


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