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Dear Stella

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STELLA is an inspiring, independent spirit. She is creative, adventurous, and hopelessly romantic. She loves beautiful paper and a perfectly wrapped gift, and always sends handwritten thank you notes. Cookbooks sit pretty on her shelves for more than just cooking, and she always plates her dinner, even if it’s just for one. You may find her spending lazy days savoring coffee while poring over her favorite magazines and blogs, dreaming about the ultimate craft room. She has a strong work ethic, and feels so much pride in making things herself. She loves flip flops and painted toes, furry friends of all shapes and sizes, making a to-do list with her favorite pen, the smell of freshly cut flowers, and the sound of a crackling fire (especially when melting s’mores). She believes brunch makes Sunday the best day of the week, and is never too full for dessert.

And she always holds the door.

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DS-Aloha 1459 Mint - Women Water Skiing


DS-Aloha 1460 Regatta - Hawaiian Flowers


DS-Aloha 1461 White - Shark Fest


DS-Aloha 1462 Banana - Palm Trees


DS-Aloha 1463 Regatta - Tropical Cats


DS-Aloha 1464 Sand - Pink Flamingos


DS-Aloha 1465 Sand - Hula Girls


DS-Aloha 1466 Regatta - Pineapples


DS-Aloha 1467 Mint - Sushi


DS-Best in Snow DAW1204 White - Best in Snow Animals


DS-Best in Snow DAW1205 Moonlight - Winter Llamas


DS-Best in Snow DAW1206 White - Foxes


DS-Best in Snow DAW1207 White - Holly


DS-Blue Crush DAW1286 Multi - Night Garden


DS-Blue Crush DAW1287 Multi - Romantic Birds


DS-Blue Crush DAW1288 Multi - Butterfly Dream


DS-Blue Crush DAW1289 Multi - Water Stripe


DS-Blue Crush DAW1290 Multi - Windblown


DS-Blue Crush DAW1291 White - Cool Garden


DS-Blue Crush DAW1292 Multi - Stem Around


DS-Blue Crush DAW1293 White - Blue Spray


DS-Blue Crush DAW1294 White - Cottages


DS-Blue Crush DAW1295 White - Bunny Garden


DS-Blue Crush DAW1296 Multi - Fall Vines


DS-Blue Crush DAW1297 White - Cat Expressions


DS-Blue Crush DAW1298 Multi - Indigo Cats


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1212 White - Born to Be Wild Animals


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1213 Mint - Migration


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1215 Mist - Hanging in There


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1216 Iron - Chill Time


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1217 White - Giraffes


DS-Born to Be Wild Stella-1218 White - Tossed Pineapples


DS-Botany SRR1185 Marlin - Grouped Floral


DS-Botany SRR1185 White - Grouped Floral


DS-Botany SRR1186 White - Ranunculus


DS-Botany SRR1187 White - Cone Flowers


DS-Botany SRR1188 Multi - Branches


DS-Botany SRR1189 Citrus - Tossed Dianthus


DS-Botany SRR1190 Multi - Pansies


DS-Botany SRR1191 White - Leaves


DS-Botany SRR1192 Marlin - Watercolor Ditsy


DS-Botany SRR1193 Orion - Sprigs


DS-Chroma Basics SRR512 Scallop Dot (Choose from 35 Colors)


DS-Creep it Real DAW1208 Orange - Creeping it Real Halloween


DS-Creep it Real DAW1209 White - Black Cats


DS-Fa La La Llama 1228 Orion - Llama Gifts


DS-Fa La La Llama 1229 Orion - Holiday Cacti


DS-Fa La La Llama 1230 Artic - Snowglobes


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1267 Gunmetal - Fat Cats


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1267 Skylight - Fat Cats


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1268 White - Purrfect


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1269 White - Hello Kitties


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1270 Gunmetal - Fish Bones


DS-Fat Cat Stella-1270 Peach - Fish Bones


DS-Flockstar Stella-1259 White - Flockstar


DS-Flockstar Stella-1260 White - Summer Toss


DS-Flockstar Stella-1264 Azure - Swim Time


DS-Flockstar Stella-1264 Potpourri - Swim Time


DS-Flockstar Stella-1265 White - Strawberries


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1220 White - Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Scene


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1221 Primrose - Icecream Sellers


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1222 Multi - Floating


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1223 Skylight - Summer Haze


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1225 Skylight - Pink Flamingos


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1225 White - Pink Flamingos


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1226 White - Pineapple Lips


DS-Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Stella-1227 White - Beach Umbrellas


DS-Moonscape Flannel Stella-F1150 (8 Different Colors to Choose From)


DS-Moonscape Stella-1150 (21 Different Colors to Choose From)


DS-Rae Ritchie SRR1352 White - Empowered


DS-Space Magic 1276 Midnight - Space Magic


DS-Space Magic 1277 Midnight - Lost in Space


DS-Space Magic 1278 Midnight - Spaceships


DS-Space Magic 1279 Aquarius - Unicorns in Space


DS-Space Magic 1279 Bubblegum - Unicorns in Space


DS-Space Magic 1280 Midnight - Lightning


DS-Stella 1474 Multi - Unicorns


DS-Stella 1476 Blue - Imagine Blueprint


DS-Stella 1478 Starlight - Mermaids


DS-Stella 1486 Stargazer - Fairy Tale


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