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Dear Stella

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STELLA is an inspiring, independent spirit. She is creative, adventurous, and hopelessly romantic. She loves beautiful paper and a perfectly wrapped gift, and always sends handwritten thank you notes. Cookbooks sit pretty on her shelves for more than just cooking, and she always plates her dinner, even if it’s just for one. You may find her spending lazy days savoring coffee while poring over her favorite magazines and blogs, dreaming about the ultimate craft room. She has a strong work ethic, and feels so much pride in making things herself. She loves flip flops and painted toes, furry friends of all shapes and sizes, making a to-do list with her favorite pen, the smell of freshly cut flowers, and the sound of a crackling fire (especially when melting s’mores). She believes brunch makes Sunday the best day of the week, and is never too full for dessert.

And she always holds the door.

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DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2659 Jet - Having a Meowment


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2662 White - Just Purrlanted


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2664 White - Cat Heads


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2665 Jet - Checkmate


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2907 Multi - 24" Wide A Tall Yarn Panel


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2908 Pea - Mice


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2909 Sulphur - Plain Purl


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2910 Multi - Fishy


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2911 Aurora - Nigel's Sweater


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2911 White - Nigel's Sweater


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2912 Multi - Diamond Kittys


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2881 Canal - Seas the Day


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2882 White - Don't Be Jelly


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2883 Dresden - Hippos


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2884 White - Easy as ABC


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2885 Gold - Bee Hive


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2886 White - Alphabet Soup


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2887 Pink - Flamingle


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2888 Lettuce - Caterpillars


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2889 Fog - Zebras Crossing


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2889 White - Zebras Crossing


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2890 Cornsilk - Girrafic Jam


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2891 Spruce - Oh Snap!


DS-Alphabet Soup Stella D2892 Meadow - What the Shell!


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2631 Iron - And Sew It Goes


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2632 White - Pins


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2633 Multi - Monet Garden


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2634 White - Embroidery


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2635 White - Spring Fling


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2636 White - Sew What?


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2637 Multi - Blossoming


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2638 White - Floral Dream


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2639 Peat - Sewing Cats


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2640 Multi - Norway Florals


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2641 Multi - Creators


DS-And Sew It Goes Stella-DCJ2642 Multi - Lazy Days


DS-Basics Stella 1560 Berry - Jax


DS-Basics Stella 1560 Tangerine - Jax


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Aqua - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Autumn - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Bluebell - Crimp


DS-Bird Song DRR2293 Sand - Crimp


DS-Blitzened Stella D2743 Multi - Blitzened


DS-Blitzened Stella D2744 Tigerlily - Sleigh Me


DS-Blitzened Stella D2745 Methyl - When Doves Cry


DS-Blitzened Stella D2746 Tendril - Feeling Pine


DS-Blitzened Stella D2747 Blueberry - Red Nosed


DS-Blitzened Stella D2748 White - Express Your Elf


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2293 Gardenia - Crimp


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2293 Mustard - Crimp


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2293 Toffee - Crimp


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2874 Gardenia - Bookish


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2875 Gardenia - Accoutrements


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2876 Mustard - Ditsy


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2877 Gardenia - Tree Stumps


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2878 Mustard - Ladybugs


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2879 Curry - Reading is Lit


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2880 Gardenia - Check Me Out


DS-Botanica DRR2292 Teal - Cross Stitch


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Autumn - Crimp


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Bluebell - Crimp


DS-Botanica DRR2293 Ivy - Crimp


DS-Cats Pajamas Stella D2749 Mandarin - Biased Stripe


DS-Cats Pajamas Stella D2822 Multi - The Cats Pajamas


DS-Cats Pajamas Stella D2823 Colony - Tracking Santa


DS-Cats Pajamas Stella D2824 Fir - Sleighin' It


DS-Cats Pajamas Stella D2825 Vulcan - Candy Canes


DS-Croc My World Stella D2601 Candy - Flocking Fabulous


DS-Croc My World Stella D2601 Ocean - Flocking Fabulous


DS-Croc My World Stella D2602 Marina - Turtely Awesome


DS-Croc My World Stella D2603 Pink - Croc My World


DS-Croc My World Stella D2604 Meadow - Keep Palm & Carry On


DS-Croc My World Stella D2605 White - Here Comes the Sun


DS-Croc My World Stella D2606 Multi - Summer Stripe


DS-Croc My World Stella D2607 White - Citrusly


DS-Croc My World Stella D2608 Golden - Lookin' Pine


DS-Croc My World Stella D2609 Marina - Tropical Blooms


DS-Croc My World Stella D2610 Midnight - From the Gecko


DS-Croc My World Stella D2611 White - Heavy Petal


DS-Curious Garden Stella DPJ2698 Grape - Hive Mind


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