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Plants, Trees, Leaves & Foliage

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*SE-Hello Glow 6994G-66 Green - Monotone Glow in the Dark Trees


*SE-Hello Glow 6994G-99 Black - Monotone Glow in the Dark Trees


*WF-Summer Bliss 53709-2 Ivory - Leaves


3W-Sandsational 22932 Blue - Coral Reef


CF-Heritage Cottage 30220106-01 Cream - Laurels


CF-High Road to Taos 50220402-01 White - Cactus


CF-Winter Spirit 66220407-01 Black - Vines


CF-Winter Spirit 66220407-02 Cream - Vines


DS-A Tall Yarn Stella DLW2662 White - Just Purrlanted


DS-Bookish Stella DRR2877 Gardenia - Tree Stumps


DS-Croc My World Stella D2604 Meadow - Keep Palm & Carry On


DS-Croc My World Stella D2605 White - Here Comes the Sun


DS-Croc My World Stella D2607 White - Citrusly


DS-Croc My World Stella D2608 Golden - Lookin' Pine


DS-Curious Garden Stella DPJ2708 Multi - Leaf it to Me


DS-Feline Fancy Stella-DLW2662 White - Just Purrlanted


DS-Feline Fancy Stella-DLW2663 Sun - Cat Nips


DS-Flora & Fauna Stella-DFG2652 Ink - Mushrooms


DS-Flora & Fauna Stella-DFG2654 Ink - Flora


DS-Flora & Fauna Stella-DFG2656 Pasture - Critters


DS-Flora & Fauna Stella-DFG2657 Pasture - Leaves


DS-Full Moon Stella D2954 Mist - Eucalyptus


DS-Full Moon Stella D2958 White - Cacti


DS-Grasslands Stella D2925 White - Grass


DS-Moonflower Stella D2720 Mist - Hoot


DS-Moonflower Stella D2723 White - Verdure


DS-Moonflower Stella D2724 Glade - Seriously Doe


DS-Moonflower Stella D2726 Midnight - Shitake Happens


DS-Phoebe Stella DPJ2963 Alabaster - Fronds


DS-Phoebe Stella DPJ2963 Moss - Fronds


DS-Phoebe Stella DPJ2966 Lilac - The Feminist


DS-Phoebe Stella DPJ2966 Thyme - The Feminist


DS-Phoebe Stella DPJ2971 Purple - Snake Bouquet


DS-Shine On Stella DRR2678 Pearl - Mushrooms


DS-Shine On Stella DRR2683 White - Mary Jane


DS-Somebunny to Love Stella DMB2734 Navy - Clover


DS-Somebunny to Love Stella DMB2736 Papyrus - Unfeleafable


DS-Terrain of Thought Stella D2902 Moonlight - Holy Shitake


DS-Terrain of Thought Stella D2904 Vanilla - Tail Me About It


DS-Terrain of Thought Stella D2906 Atlantis - Mushroom Meadow


DS-XStella D2992 White - Grass


DT-Cactus Verde LA-0178-8C-1 Natural - Cactus Verde


DT-Cactus Verde LA-0204-7C-1 Cream/Multi - Cactus Garden


DT-Exclusive Digital Prints DT-6363-0C-1 Psychedelic Cannabis


DT-Exclusive Digital Prints DT-6364-0C-2 Cannabis Camo


DT-Exclusive Digital Prints DX-1323-0C-1 Black/Multi - Marijuana Plant


DT-Exclusive Digital Prints DX-1324-0C-1 Black/Multi - Marijuana Plant Packed


DT-Floral Collection DX-0076-8C-1 White - Antique Rose Leaves


DT-Harmony DT-2598-2C-1 Pristine - Catherine's Vines


DT-Harmony DT-4917-5C-3 Vista Blue - Sweden Vineyard


DT-Harmony DT-4917-5C-4 Sweden Vineyard - Toffee


DT-Harmony DT-4917-5C-5 Sweden Vineyard - Cornhusk


DT-Harmony DT-4917-5C-6 Sweden Vineyard - Green Glow


DT-Harmony DT-4918-5C-2 Biscotti - Italian Leaves


DT-Harmony DT-4918-5C-3 Greenery - Italian Leaves


DT-Harmony DT-4918-5C-4 Silver Gray - Italian Leaves


DT-Harmony DT-4918-5C-6 Italian Leaves - Pink/Nectar


DT-Harvest DT-7121-7C-1 Black/Multi - Maple Leaves


DT-Lakeside Retreat WA-5930-0C-2 Navy/Multi - Lakeside Berries


DT-Lakeside Retreat WA-5941-0C-1 Green/Gold - Leaf Silhouettes


DT-Live, Lodge, Love RR-3028-4C-2 Brown - Stella Vines


DT-Live, Lodge, Love WA-5877-9C-1 Green - Lodge Trees


DT-Lodge and Cabin WA-5422-6C-1 Gold/Green - Lodge Leaves


DT-Northern Wild WA-6066-1C-1 Cream - Northern Flora


DT-Northern Wild WA-6066-1C-2 Brown - Northern Flora


DT-Northern Wild WA-6067-1C-1 Cream - Northern Pine


DT-Spice Medallion WA-4194-6C-2 Rust/Gold - Mumbai Scroll


DT-Woodland Chart WA-4004-9C-1 Brown - Acorns and Pine Cones


DT-Woodland Chart WA-4244-9C-1 Cream - Woodland Chart


DT-Woodland Chart WA-4246-9C-1 Forest Green - Woodland Chart Stripe


ES-Beautiful Birds 4311 Cream


ES-Berry Good 151 Green Wild Blueberries


ES-Berry Good 155 Red Strawberries


ES-Berry Good 507 Green/Strawberry Plants


ES-Berry Good 508 Green - Cherry Tree


ES-Berry Good 509 Blue - Packed Blueberries


ES-Birds and Berries 40005 Green - Pinecones and Berries


ES-Gentle Giants 20002 Turquoise - Leaves


ES-Harvest Time 615 Orange - Pumpkins


ES-Landscape Medley 371 Gray - Birch Trees


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