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Intressa Spinning Tower 

240 Spools of Intressa Sewing Thread 

• Preloaded with 3 spools per facing
• Rotating fixture allows easy color selection
• Attractive and modern look with informative signage
• High quality construction with gravity feed dispensing
• Small footprint that can easily be repositioned in store
• Portable - travels well to outside events

Overall Dimensions: 8.5"W x 8.5"D x 22"H

Display Capacity: 480 European style spools, 6 per facing

The Intressa countertop spinner provides a small footprint featuring our 164 yard European style spools. All four sides preloaded with product that fits great on a cutting table, checkout area, classroom, shelf or countertop.

  • PHONE: 1-800-258-9816
  • FAX: 1-800-358-3949
  • EMAIL:
  • ADDRESS: 608 Canterbury Rd.
                      Kings Mountain, NC 28086