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Well-known brands such as Permacore, MaxiLock, Excell, Rowan, & Signature!
Quilting machine thread is usually on 3,000 yard cones or 6,000 yard cones.
Hand sewing thread is usually on a 200 yard spool.

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CCC-Carolina Gold 108" Premium Muslin White Thread


CCC-Carolina Gold 118" Premium Muslin Natural Thread


CCC-Carolina Gold 44" Premium Muslin Natural Thread


CCC-Carolina Gold 44" Premium Muslin White Thread


CCC-Carolina Gold Premium Muslin White Thread


Intressa Spinning Tower


Sullivans - Winter Six-Strand Embroidery Floss 38224


Maxi Lock-Black 32002


Maxi Lock Swirl-Blue Water Ice--M57


Maxi Lock Swirl-Blueberry Cobbler--M55


Maxi Lock Swirl-Butter Toffee--M64


Maxi Lock Swirl-Expresso Silk--M63


Maxi Lock Swirl-Foresty Mint--M66


Maxi Lock Swirl-Kiwi Twist--M59


Maxi Lock Swirl-Lemon Chiffon--M50


Maxi Lock Swirl-Mint Julep--M54


Maxi Lock Swirl-Mocha Almond Fudge--M65


Maxi Lock Swirl-Orange Creamsicle--M51


Maxi Lock Swirl-Pastel Sprinkels--M60


Maxi Lock Swirl-Peachy Orange Parfait--M61


Maxi Lock Swirl-Purple Berry Wave--M58


Maxi Lock Swirl-Rainbow Swirl--M67


Maxi Lock Swirl-Raspberry Vanilla--M53


Maxi Lock Swirl-Rocket Pop--M62


Maxi Lock Swirl-Tie Dye Punch--M56


Maxi Lock Swirl-Watermelon Sorbet--M52


Maxi Lock-Artillery--32326


Maxi Lock-Beige Taupe--32093


Maxi Lock-Beige--32158


Maxi Lock-Blue Mist--32049


Maxi Lock-Blue--32059


Maxi Lock-BlueJean Gold--43006


Maxi Lock-Boysenberry--44784


Maxi Lock-Brass--44845


Maxi Lock-Bright Fuchsia--44834


Maxi Lock-Brown--32065


Maxi Lock-Chicory--32193


Maxi Lock-Churchill Green-32279


Maxi Lock-Cinnamon--44846


Maxi Lock-Copenhagen--32080


Maxi Lock-Dark Grey--32086


Maxi Lock-Dark Pink--32706


Maxi Lock-Dark Turquoise--32200


Maxi Lock-Dusty Rose--44679


Maxi Lock-Eggshell--32674


Maxi Lock-Emerald--32075


Maxi Lock-Garnet--44586


Maxi Lock-Gold--32072


Maxi Lock-Graphite--32137


Maxi Lock-Hacienda--43252


Maxi Lock-Khaki--32365


Maxi Lock-Lauren--44781


Maxi Lock-Leghorn--32104


Maxi Lock-Light Grey--32432


Maxi Lock-Lilac--44841


Maxi Lock-Lucerne Blue--32597


Maxi Lock-Mauve Pink--32435


Maxi Lock-Medium Navy--32030


Maxi Lock-Medium Pink--32166


Maxi Lock-Miniature Blue--43009


Maxi Lock-Mint Green--32427


Maxi Lock-Mother Goose--32088


Maxi Lock-Natural--32599


Maxi Lock-Navy--32456


Maxi Lock-Olive Drab--32164


Maxi Lock-Orchid--32645


Maxi Lock-Pansy--44839


Maxi Lock-Papaya--44149


Maxi Lock-Pearl--32601


Maxi Lock-Pink Coral--44837


Maxi Lock-Pink-32039


Maxi Lock-Poppy Red---45136


Maxi Lock-Purple--43399


Maxi Lock-Queens Turquoise--32210


Maxi Lock-Radiant Turquoise--32265


Maxi Lock-Roseate--43205


Maxi Lock-Royal Blue--43311


Maxi Lock-Rum--44843


Maxi Lock-Salmon Pink--32216


Maxi Lock-Seafoam--32182


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