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Rotary blades and cutting tools, mats, rulers, etc from OLFA, and quilting shears, scissors and accessories from Dritz, Mundial and Sullivans USA.
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All Purpose Thread Snips - Sullivans 15120


Mundial Scissors Promo P1852B


12 x 18 Rotary Mat-RMCG


12.5x12.5 Frosted Ruler-QR12S


16.5x16.5 Frosted Ruler-QR-16S


18mm Rotary Blade RB18-2


18mm Rotary Cutter RTY-4


18x24 Rotary Mat-RM-SG


1x12 Frosted Ruler-QR 1x12


2.5x2.5 Frosted Ruler-QR2S


23 x 70 Rotary Mat-RM-Clips/2


24 X 36 Rotary Mat-RM-MG


28mm Rotary Blade-RB28-10


28mm Rotary Blade-RB28-2


28mm Rotary Blade-RB28-5


28mm Rotary Cutter RTY-1G


35 x 70 Rotary Mat-RM-Clips/3


4.5x4.5 frosted Ruler-QR4S


45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter RTY-2DX


45mm Quick Change Cutter RTY-2/NS


45mm Rotary Blade RB45-1


45mm Rotary Blade RB45-10


45mm Rotary Blade RB45-2


45mm Rotary Blade RB45-5


45mm Rotary Cutter RTY-2G


45mm Rotary Scallop Blade SCB45-1


45mm Rotary Wave Blade WAB45-1


6.5 Right triangle Frosted Ruler QR-6RT


6.5 x 6.5 Frosted Ruler QR-6S


60mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter RTY-3DX


60mm Quick Change Cutter-RTY-3N/S


60mm Rotary Blade-RB60-1


60mm Rotary Blade-RB60-5


60mm Rotary Cutter RTY-3G (9653)


6x12 Frosted Ruler-QR 6x12


6x24 Frosted Ruler -QR 6x24


6x8 Rotary Mat-RM


9.5 x9.5 Frosted Ruler-QR-9S


Chenill Cutter Blade CHB-1


Chenille Cutter CHN-1


Cushion Soft Shears by Mundial


Cushion Soft Dressmaker Shears


Cushion Soft Hobby Craft Scissors 1864-1


Cushion Soft Pinking Shears 1865-1


Dressmaker Shears


Dressmaker Shears Free Safety Sheath


FreeStyle -Mundial


FreeStyle -Mundial


FreeStyle -Mundial


Pelican Bill Applique Scissors


Pinking Rotary Blade 45mm


Precision Scissors


Snap Off Cutter L-1


Stork Embroidery Scissors


Thread Clip


Titanium Coated 10"/255mm Dressmaking Scissors 15008


Titanium Coated 3 pc Scissor Set


Titanium Coated 5.5"/140mm Sewing Scissors


Utlity Knive Blades LBB-5B


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