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To Our Valued Customer:

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy. The COVID 19 Pandemic has disrupted our lives in every way imaginable. We look forward to the time our lives and businesses can return to normal. 

As you are aware, we had hoped to have our NFL-MLB cottons restocked at this time. Due to the large influx of orders, and limited productions, that is not the case. As of July 22, 2020 we will temporarily be off sale. New orders cannot be accepted until further notice. We will resume sales as soon as current orders have been fulfilled and more goods are available. Rest assured, you will be notified at the earliest possible date.

Please know that we are working to fulfill existing orders as quickly as possible. Orders will continue to be processed in the order they were received. If your order was placed after June 30th the producer, Fabric Traditions, has not accepted our orders. If you want to place orders on NFL/MLB you may do so with the understanding & trust we cannot process the order until Fabric Traditions Resumes accepting orders.

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FT-NFL Fleece 6278-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Fleece 6320-D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Fleece 6321-D Chicago Bears


FT-NFL Fleece 6322-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Fleece 6328 D Arizona Cardinals


FT-NFL Fleece 6331-D New York Giants


FT-NFL Fleece 6340-D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Fleece 6348-D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Fleece 6349-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Fleece 6376 D Buffalo Bills


FT-NFL Fleece 6386 D Baltimore Ravens


FT-NFL Fleece 6391-D Dallas Cowboys Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 6392-D Green Bay Packers Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 6393 D San Francisco 49ers


FT-NFL Fleece 6395-D Pittsburgh Steelers Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 6399 D Carolina Panthers


FT-NFL Fleece 6400 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Fleece 6411 D Chicago Bears Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 6415 D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Fleece 6432-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Fleece 6437 D Minn Vikings


FT-NFL Fleece 6439 D Phil Eagles


FT-NFL Fleece 6440 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Fleece 6444 D New Orleans Saints Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 6448 D Miami Dolphins


FT-NFL Fleece 6449 D New York Jets


FT-NFL Fleece 6454 D Kansas City Chiefs


FT-NFL Fleece 6457 D Minn Vikings


FT-NFL Fleece 6464 D NE Patriots


FT-NFL Fleece 6465 D NE Patriots


FT-NFL Fleece 6485 D TB Buccaneers


FT-NFL Fleece 6711-D Seattle Seahawks Green


FT-NFL Fleece 6733 D Jacksonville Jaguars


FT-NFL Fleece 6736 D Cleveland Browns


FT-NFL Fleece 6866-D Carolina Panthers


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