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To Our Valued Customer:

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy. The COVID 19 Pandemic has disrupted our lives in every way imaginable. We look forward to the time our lives and businesses can return to normal. 

As you are aware, we had hoped to have our NFL-MLB cottons restocked at this time. Due to the large influx of orders, and limited productions, that is not the case. As of July 22, 2020 we will temporarily be off sale. New orders cannot be accepted until further notice. We will resume sales as soon as current orders have been fulfilled and more goods are available. Rest assured, you will be notified at the earliest possible date.

Please know that we are working to fulfill existing orders as quickly as possible. Orders will continue to be processed in the order they were received. If your order was placed after June 30th the producer, Fabric Traditions, has not accepted our orders. If you want to place orders on NFL/MLB you may do so with the understanding & trust we cannot process the order until Fabric Traditions Resumes accepting orders.

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FT-NFL Cotton 14443 Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Cotton 14447-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 14448-D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 14449-D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Cotton 14450-D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Cotton 14494-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Cotton 14498-D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 14500-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 14501-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Cotton 14735-D Philadelphia Eagles


FT-NFL Cotton 14737-D Washington Redskins


FT-NFL Cotton 6718 Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Flannel 14740-D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Flannel 14792-D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Flannel 14867-D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Flannel 14868-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Flannel 14933-D Minnesota Vikings


FT-NFL Flannel 14934-D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Flannel 14935-D Philadelphia Eagles


FT-NFL Fleece 6729-D New England Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 1026 W Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Cotton 1029 W Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 1040-W Dallas Cowboy


FT-NFL Cotton 14711 D Los Angeles Chargers


FT-NFL Cotton 14727 D Detroit Lions


FT-NFL Cotton 14728 D Jacksonville Jaguars


FT-NFL Cotton 2507 D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Cotton 3513 D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Cotton 3528-D Washington Redskins


FT-NFL Cotton 6006 D Indianapolis Colts


FT-NFL Cotton 6034 W Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Cotton 6041 D Baltimore Ravens


FT-NFL Cotton 6188 W Houston Texans


FT-NFL Cotton 6209 W Atlanta Falcons


FT-NFL Cotton 6210 D Philadelphia Eagles


FT-NFL Cotton 6229 D Cincinnati Bengals


FT-NFL Cotton 6239 D Arizona Cardinals


FT-NFL Cotton 6283 D New Orleans Saints


FT-NFL Cotton 6312 D Chicago Bears


FT-NFL Cotton 6313-D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Cotton 6314 D New York Giants


FT-NFL Cotton 6315 D Kansas City Chiefs


FT-NFL Cotton 6317 D Green Bay Packers


FT-NFL Cotton 6337 D San Francisco 49ers


FT-NFL Cotton 6377-D Buffalo Bills


FT-NFL Cotton 6401-D Carolina Panthers


FT-NFL Cotton 6402 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Cotton 6422 D Denver Broncos


FT-NFL Cotton 6424 D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Cotton 6436-D New Orleans Saints


FT-NFL cotton 6456 D Minn Vikings


FT-NFL Cotton 6459 D Miami Dolphins


FT-NFL Cotton 6467 D NE Patriots


FT-NFL Cotton 6470 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Cotton 6488 D TB Buccaneers


FT-NFL Cotton 6735 D Cleveland Browns


FT-NFL Cotton 6867 D Carolina Panthers


FT-NFL Cotton A522 D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Flannel L6427-D GreenBay Packers


FT-NFL Flannel L6431-D Pitts Steelers


FT-NFL Flannel L6723 D Seattle Seahawks


FT-NFL Fleece 14712 Los Angeles Chargers


FT-NFL Fleece 14717 D Atlanta Falcons Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 14726 D Detroit Lions


FT-NFL Fleece 14758 D Detroit Lions Plaid


FT-NFL Fleece 14759 D Los Angeles Rams


FT-NFL Fleece 6218-D Tennessee Titans


FT-NFL Fleece 6231-D Baltimore Ravens


FT-NFL Fleece 6233-D Indianapolis Colts


FT-NFL Fleece 6234-D Philadelphia Eagles


FT-NFL Fleece 6235-D Pittsburgh Steelers


FT-NFL Fleece 6236-D Atlanta Falcons


FT-NFL Fleece 6240-D Cincinnati Bengals


FT-NFL Fleece 6243-D Oakland Raiders


FT-NFL Fleece 6245 D Dallas Cowboys


FT-NFL Fleece 6266-D Washington Redskins


FT-NFL Fleece 6267-D New Orleans Saints


FT-NFL Fleece 6268-D Houston Texans


FT-NFL Fleece 6270-D San Francisco 49ers


FT-NFL Fleece 6274-D Kansas City Chiefs


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