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College Logo ~ 100% Polyester Fleece ~  10 yard put up ~ 60 inches wide

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Arkansas University of ARK-820 Fleece/Camo


PROMO* Fleece Blankets ARK-610 Arkansas Razorbacks


PROMO* Fleece Blankets AU-610 Auburn Tigers


PROMO* Fleece Blankets KY-610 Kentucky Wildcats


PROMO* Fleece Blankets LSU-610 LSU Tigers


Texas A&M University TAM-095 Fleece/Argyle


Texas Tech University TTU-1151 Fleece/Stripe


Texas Tech University TTU-158 Fleece/Grey


Alabama University of AL-158 Fleece


Alabama University of AL-812 Fleece


Alabama University of AL-812 Fleece


Arkansas University of ARK-158 Fleece


Auburn University AU-095 Fleece/Argyle


Florida Univeristy of FL-820 Fleece/Camo


Florida University of FL-038 Fleece


Florida University of FL-158 Fleece


Florida University of FL-812 Fleece


Georgia Institute of Technology GIT-095 Fleece


Iowa University of IA-095 Fleece


Iowa University of IA-158 Fleece


Iowa University of IA-820 Fleece


Kansas University of KS-095 Fleece


Kansas University of KU-158 Fleece


Kentucky University of 158-KY Fleece


Louisiana State University LSU-095 Fleece


Louisiana State University LSU-156 Fleece


Louisville State University LSU 820 Fleece


Michigan State University MIST-095 Fleece/Argyle


Michigan State University MIST-812 Fleece


Michigan State University MIST-820 Fleece


Michigan University of 820 Fleece/Camo


Nebraska University of NE-820 Fleece/Camo


Nebraska University of NE-095 Fleece/Argyle


Nebraska University of NE-158 Fleece


North Carolina University of UNC-820 Fleece/Camo


Oregon State University OS-812 Fleece


Oregon University of OR-820 Fleece/Camo


Oregon University of OR-812 Fleece


Pennsylvania State University PENN-095 Fleece


Pennsylvania State University PENN-158 Fleece


Pittsburgh University of PITT-095 Fleece


Southern Illinois University of SILL-040 Fleece


Tennessee University of TENN-820 Fleece/Camo


Texas A&M University TAM-158 Fleece


Texas A&M University TAM-012 Fleece


Texas Tech University TTU-095 Fleece/Argyle


Texas Tech University TTU-812 Fleece/Plaid


Texas University of TX 820 Fleece/Camo


Texas University of TX-158 Fleece


Virginia Tech University VT-095 Fleece/Argyle


Washington University of WA-095 Fleece/Argyle


Wisconsin University of WIS-095 Fleece/Argyle


Wisconsin University of WIS-158 Fleece


Wisconsin University of WIS-812 Fleece


Wisconsin University of WIS-820 Fleece/Camo


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