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Timeless Treasures Nov & Dec

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November:  Gnometime
December:  Bunny Blossom; luck of the Irish; Home is Where My Honey Is; Pansy Paradise 

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TT-Bug CD1874 Blue - Tiny Butterflies


TT-Bunny CD1872 Cream - Bunnies & Butterflies Garden


TT-Bunny CD1873 Blue - Tossed Bunnies & Flowers


TT-Bunny CD1873 Pink - Tossed Bunnies & Flowers


TT-Dot C1820 Black - Dots


TT-Dot C1820 Honey - Dots


TT-Fleur CD1875 Pink - Stamped Flowers & Leaf


TT-Fleur CD1876 Cream - Cute Tiny Flowers


TT-Fleur CD1897 Butter - Tossed Forget-Me-Nots


TT-Fleur CD1897 Sky - Tossed Forget-Me-Nots


TT-Gail CD1848 Black - Motivational Bee Quotes


TT-Gail CD1849 Yellow - Beekeeper Gnomes


TT-Gail CD1850 Yellow - Cute Flying Bees


TT-Gail CD1851 Yellow - Honeycombs


TT-Gail CD1852 Black - Blooming Daisies


TT-Gail CD1877 Green - St Patrick's Day Good Luck Quotes


TT-Love CD1708 Multi - Gnomes and Hearts Valentine


TT-Mariposa CD1895 Black - Tossed Butterflies


TT-Mariposa CD1895 Blue - Tossed Butterflies


TT-Paisley CD1896 Blue - Pansy Paisley


TT-Paisley CD1896 Purple - Pansy Paisley


TT-Panel CD1847 Beige - Bee Hive Sweet Home Panel


TT-Pansy CD1890 Black - Pansy Vase & Words


TT-Pansy CD1891 Pansy - 11" Stripe


TT-Pansy CD1892 Black - Floral Bouquets and Butterflies


TT-Pansy CD1893 Multi - Packed Pansy


TT-Pansy CD1894 Black - Pansy Bouquets


TT-Pansy CD1894 Blues - Pansy Bouquets


TT-Stripe C8109 Bee - 1/8" Stripe


TT-Stripe CD1899 Pansy - Ombre Stripe


TT-Stripe CD1900 Purple - Tonal Stripe


TT-Swirl CD1898 Blue - Leafy Vine


TT-Swirl CD1898 Purple - Leafy Vine


TT-Swirl CD1898 Yellow - Leafy Vine


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