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NFL/First Responders/America Pre Orders!

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First Responders Tribute - July
Heart of America Collection - July
NFL Marvel Mash-Up - Mid August
NFL Disney Mash-Up - Mid August
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FT-First Responders Tribute 17494-LG Stethoscope


FT-First Responders Tribute 17495-R Heartbeat


FT-First Responders Tribute 17496-W Thank You EKG


FT-First Responders Tribute 17501-B Nurse Assortment


FT-Heart of America 12552-N Navy - Shooting Stars


FT-Heart of America 12552-X Red - Shooting Stars


FT-Heart of America 14122-N Navy - Star Dots


FT-Heart of America 14122-X Red - Star Dots


FT-Heart of America 14122-Z Black - Star Dots


FT-Heart of America 14125-X Red/White - Stars on Stripe


FT-Heart of America 14128-N Navy - Red & White Stars


FT-NFL Disney Mash-Up 70391-D 49ers/Mickey


FT-NFL Disney Mash-Up 70392-D Chiefs/Mickey


FT-NFL Disney Mash-Up 70393-D Cowboys/Mickey


FT-NFL Disney Mash-Up 70394-D Packers/Mickey


FT-NFL Disney Mash-Up 70395-D Steelers/Mickey


FT-NFL Marvel Mash-Up 70396-D Packers/Hulk


FT-NFL Marvel Mash-Up 70397-D Chiefs/Iron Man


FT-NFL Marvel Mash-Up 70398-D Steelers/Thor


FT-NFL Marvel Mash-Up 70399-D Cowboys/Captain America


FT-NFL Marvel Mash-Up 70400-D 49ers/Spiderman


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