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Freckle + Lollie Fall 2023

Coming Soon! Pre-Order NOW! > Freckle + Lollie Fall 2023
Pre Order Now!! Delivery in August, September, October & November 2023!! 
August:  Court & Club; Belle & Blue Sea 
September:  Lillian's Garden; Pampered Paws
October:  Little Darlings; Sophia
November:  Lollie Snacks Asian
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FL-Belle & Blue Sea D177-B Blue - Purrmaid


FL-Belle & Blue Sea D178-W White - Sealife


FL-Belle & Blue Sea D179-B Blue - She-Crab


FL-Belle & Blue Sea D180-N Navy - Shark Squad


FL-Belle & Blue Sea D181-C Cream - Pirate Octopus


FL-Belle & Blue Sea D182-B Blue - Whales


FL-Court & Club D145-W White - Game, Set, Match


FL-Court & Club D146-G Green - Pickle Paddle


FL-Court & Club D147-G Green - Paisley Court


FL-Court & Club D148-G Lime - Club Martini


FL-Court & Club D149-A Pink - Pickle Ball


FL-Court & Club D150-A Pink - Argyle


FL-Court & Club D151-G Green - Tennis Balls


FL-Lillian's Garden D165-C Cream - Lillian's Bouquet


FL-Lillian's Garden D166-V Purple - Perfect Rose Stripe


FL-Lillian's Garden D167-C Cream - Paisley Rose


FL-Lillian's Garden D168-C Cream - Perfect Rose Stripe


FL-Lillian's Garden D169-C Cream - Lovely Violets


FL-Lillian's Garden D170-X Burgundy - Wild Rose Bouquet


FL-Lillian's Garden D171-A Blush - Wild Rose Bouquet


FL-Lillian's Garden D171-C Cream - Wild Rose Bouquet


FL-Lillian's Garden D172-V Purple - Rosebud


FL-Lillian's Garden D173-C Cream - Rosebud


FL-Lillian's Garden D174-A Berry - Filigree Scroll


FL-Lillian's Garden D174-G Green - Filigree Scroll


FL-Lillian's Garden D175-C Cream - Filigree Scroll


FL-Lillian's Garden D176-A Blush - Dainty Dot


FL-Lillian's Garden D176-C Cream - Dainty Dot


FL-Lillian's Garden D176-V Purple - Dainty Dot


FL-Little Darlings D183-C Cream - Springtime for Ducklin


FL-Little Darlings D184-G Mint - Vintage Kitties


FL-Little Darlings D185-Y Yellow - Bunny Wreath


FL-Little Darlings D186-A Pink - Oodles of Poodles


FL-Little Darlings D187-B Blue - Water Frolic


FL-Little Darlings D188-C Cream - Flutter


FL-Little Darlings D189-Y Yellow - Spring Blooms


FL-Lollie Snacks D190-O Orange - Happy Noodle


FL-Lollie Snacks D191-Y Yellow - Sushi & Friends


FL-Lollie Snacks D192-R Red - Lucky Cat


FL-Lollie Snacks D193-E Lt Blue - Feeling Hot Hot Hot!


FL-Lollie Snacks D194-N Navy - Edamame Mommy


FL-Pampered Paws D139-E Aqua - Vanity Fur


FL-Pampered Paws D140-A Pink - Diva Dogs


FL-Pampered Paws D141-E Aqua - Bubble Quack


FL-Pampered Paws D142-A Pink - Diva Stripe


FL-Pampered Paws D143-E Aqua - Bones


FL-Pampered Paws D144-A Pink - De-Puff


FL-Sophia D152-B Blue - Stipple Flower


FL-Sophia D153-C Cream - Botanica


FL-Sophia D154-B Blue - Sophia Stripe


FL-Sophia D155-C Cream - Jaipur


FL-Sophia D156-B Blue - Kalamkari


FL-Sophia D157-C Cream - Medallion


FL-Sophia D158-B Blue - Jaipur


FL-Sophia D159-C Cream - Petal


FL-Sophia D160-B Blue - Medallion


FL-Sophia D161-C Cream - Etchings


FL-Sophia D162-C Cream - Gingham


FL-Sophia D163-B Blue - Royal Block Floral


FL-Sophia D164-B Blue - Etchings


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