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Freckle & Lollie - June/July '23

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June:  Autumn Glory; Extra Credit; Spell on You
July:  A Swell Noel; Tidings & Joy; Yule Cool 
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FL-A Swell Noel D100-LY Cream - Holiday Forest


FL-A Swell Noel D101-W White - Holly Doodle


FL-A Swell Noel D102-G Green - Mistletoe


FL-A Swell Noel D96-G Green - Dashing Reindeer


FL-A Swell Noel D97-E Blue - Best in Snow-Man


FL-A Swell Noel D98-LE Lt Green - Fa La La


FL-A Swell Noel D99-R Red - Sweet Treats


FL-Autumn Glory D80-Z Black - November Harvest


FL-Autumn Glory D81-D Brown - Harvest Gnome


FL-Autumn Glory D82-O Orange - Ombre Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D83-D Brown - Autumn Floral


FL-Autumn Glory D84-D Brown - Pumpkin Plaid


FL-Autumn Glory D85-D Brown - Autumn Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D86-C Cream - Autumn Leaves


FL-Autumn Glory D87-O Orange - Harvest Texture


FL-Autumn Glory D88-G Green - Team Turkey


FL-Extra Credit D72-N Navy - Cosmic Classroom


FL-Extra Credit D73-Z Black - Bookworm


FL-Extra Credit D74-N Navy - Extra Credit


FL-Extra Credit D75-T Natural - Fab Lab


FL-Extra Credit D76-Z Black - Metric Math


FL-Extra Credit D77-Z Black - Mini Music


FL-Extra Credit D78-B Blue - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D78-RN Red/Navy - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D78-Z Black - Dotted


FL-Extra Credit D79-W White - Take 5


FL-Sew Fusions D128-C Cream - Mini Leaf


FL-Sew Fusions D128-R Red - Mini Leaf


FL-Sew Fusions D128-Y Gold - Mini Leaf


FL-Sew Fusions D129-D Brown - Mini Leaf


FL-Sew Fusions D129-G Green - Mini Leaf


FL-Sew Fusions D129-O Orange - Mini Leaf


FL-Spell on You D89-O Orange - Bewitching Gnomes


FL-Spell on You D90-V Violet - Costume Party Time


FL-Spell on You D91-O Orange - Masquerade Meow


FL-Spell on You D92-LZ Black/Gray - Spell On You


FL-Spell on You D93-LZ Black/Gray - Hallows Eve Damask


FL-Spell on You D93-O Orange - Hallows Eve Damask


FL-Spell on You D94-G Green - Potion Dot


FL-Spell on You D94-O Orange - Potion Dot


FL-Spell on You D94-V Violet - Potion Dot


FL-Spell on You D95-V Violet - Eeeek!!


FL-Tidings & Joy D103-Z Black - Santa Trimmings


FL-Tidings & Joy D104-G Green - Snowflake Menagerie


FL-Tidings & Joy D104-R Red - Snowflake Menagerie


FL-Tidings & Joy D105-Z Black - Heirloom Rooster


FL-Tidings & Joy D106-Z Black - Poinsettia


FL-Tidings & Joy D107-Z Black - Mistletoe & Holly


FL-Yule Cool D108-N Navy - Santa World


FL-Yule Cool D109-Z Black - Catnip XMas


FL-Yule Cool D110-Z Black - Merry Woofmass to All


FL-Yule Cool D111-Z Black - Tree Plaid


FL-Yule Cool D112-R Red - Freckle's Christmas


FL-Yule Cool D113-G Green - Mr. & Mrs.


FL-Yule Cool D78-G Green - Dotted


FL-Yule Cool D78-N Navy - Dotted


FL-Yule Cool D78-R Red - Dotted


FL-Yule Cool D78-ZR Black/Red - Dotted


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