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Freckle & Lollie - April & May

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April:  Love to All; Star Spangled
May:  Barnyard Serenade; Zooville 
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FL-Barnyard Serenade D116-W Yellow - Hay Patch


FL-Barnyard Serenade D117-Y Yellow - Barnyard Serenade


FL-Barnyard Serenade D118-C Cream - Not So Green Acres


FL-Barnyard Serenade D119-B Blue - Grand Prix


FL-Barnyard Serenade D120-R Red - Free Range Follies


FL-Barnyard Serenade D121-B Blue - Free Range Follies


FL-Barnyard Serenade D122-R Red - Serenade Sunflowers


FL-Barnyard Serenade D123-C Multi - Tractor Crossing


FL-Barnyard Serenade D124-C Multi - Serenade Stripe


FL-Barnyard Serenade D125-C Multi - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-B Blue - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-R Red - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D126-Y Yellow - Star Shine


FL-Barnyard Serenade D127-W White - Star Shine


FL-Love to All D68-A Bright - Rainbow Flowers


FL-Love to All D69-Z Black - Pride Celebration


FL-Love to All D70-A Bright - Rainbow Star


FL-Love to All D71-Z Black - Peace Signs


FL-Star Spangled D63-B Blue - Patriotic Patch


FL-Star Spangled D64-N Navy - Celebration Star


FL-Star Spangled D65-N Navy - Independence


FL-Star Spangled D66-R Red - Forever Stripe


FL-Star Spangled D67-N Navy - Stellar Stars


FL-Star Spangled D67-R Red - Stellar Stars


FL-Zooville D114-E Lt Blue - Aloha Dot


FL-Zooville D114-N Navy - Aloha Dot


FL-Zooville D114-O Orange - Aloha Dot


FL-Zooville D114-Y Yellow - Aloha Dot


FL-Zooville D115-W White - Aloha Dot


FL-Zooville D130-W Multi - Zooville


FL-Zooville D131-W Multi - Swinging Safari


FL-Zooville D131-Y Yellow - Swinging Safari


FL-Zooville D132-E Ice Blue - Frozen Follies


FL-Zooville D133-E Ice Blue - Camp Penguin


FL-Zooville D134-G Green - Monozoo


FL-Zooville D135-W Multi - Stripe


FL-Zooville D136-N Navy - My Pad or Yours?


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