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Dear Stella Jan & Feb '23

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January:  Folklore; Storybook Farm; Under the Sea
February:  Sidestroke Boogie 
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DS-Folklore DJL2355 Multi - Folklore Floral


DS-Folklore DJL2356 White - Quilting


DS-Folklore DJL2357 Multi - Quilt Village


DS-Folklore DJL2358 Multi - Folklore


DS-Folklore DJL2359 White - Quilt Squares


DS-Folklore DJL2360 Multi - Strawberries


DS-Folklore DJL2361 Multi - Quilt Strips


DS-Folklore DJL2362 White - Patterned Animals


DS-Folklore DJL2363 Multi - Sampler


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2415 Marina - Summertime


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2416 Bluejay - Sidestroke Boogie


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2417 Meadow - Pineapples


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2417 White - Pineapples


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2418 Lemon - Berries


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2418 Peony - Berries


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2419 Bluejay - Synchronicity


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2420 White - Flip Flop


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2421 Bluejay - Beach Party


DS-Sidestroke Boogie DMB2422 Cyan - Flamingoes


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2382 Multi - Chickens


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2383 Storm - Chicken Wire


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2384 Multi - Ponies


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2385 Multi - Storybook Farm


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2386 Multi - Vegetables


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2387 Crystal - Ducks


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2388 Multi - Blossoms


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2389 Multi - Goldenrod


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2390 Multi - Sheepish


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2391 Multi - Kitty Garden


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2392 Multi - Apple Picking


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2393 Plume - Gingham


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2394 Plume - Apples


DS-Storybook Farm DCJ2395 Multi - Southern Charm


DS-Under the Sea D2298 Glade - Buffalo Plaid


DS-Under the Sea D2298 Nectarine - Buffalo Plaid


DS-Under the Sea D2375 Multi - Turtles


DS-Under the Sea D2376 Midnight - In the Weeds


DS-Under the Sea D2377 Multi - Under the Sea


DS-Under the Sea D2378 White - Floating


DS-Under the Sea D2379 White - Upstream


DS-Under the Sea D2380 Midnight - Seahorses


DS-Under the Sea D2381 Canal - Sea Urchins


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