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David Textiles December Deliveries

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African Continent; Disney Dreams 3; From the Field; Northwest Territory; Paw Patrol; Real Tree Camouflage; Southwest Corners
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DT-African Continent DX-2348-0C-1 Multi - Akan Tapestry w/Metallic


DT-African Continent DX-2349-0C-1 Multi - Origin Argyle w/Metallic


DT-African Continent DX-2442-0C-1 Blue - Kaftan Quilt w/Metallic


DT-African Continent DX-2443-0C-1 Multi - Kente Grid w/Metallic


DT-Disney Dreams 3 DS-2013-9C-1 Falling in Love Panel


DT-Disney Dreams 3 DS-2051-9C-1 In Hollywood Panel


DT-Disney Dreams 3 DS-2068-9C-1 In the Alps Panel


DT-Disney Dreams 3 DS-2084-0C-1 Little Mermaid Panel


DT-From the Field AL-3309-6C-1 Multi - Barns and Tractors


DT-From the Field AL-3395-0C-1 Multi - Field of Sunflowers


DT-From the Field AL-3529-0C-1 Multi - Deer Family


DT-From the Field AL-4475-0C-1 Multi - Wildflower Farm Panel


DT-From the Field AL-4476-0C-1 Multi - Wolves in the Spring Panel


DT-From the Field WW-3065-6C-1 Multi - Horses in the Meadow


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2356-0C-1 Red/Cream - Native Horizon


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2356-0C-2 Brown - Native Horizon


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2359-0C-3 Red/Multi - Embroidered Petals


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2359-0C-4 Black/Multi - Embroidered Petals


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2444-0C-1 Teal - Lighting Drops


DT-Northwest Territory DX-2444-0C-2 Orange - Lighting Drops


DT-Paw Patrol Flannel PW-4351-0F-2 White - Pawfect Friends Flannel


DT-Paw Patrol Fleece PW-4015-FP-2 Black Marshall Chase Rocky Toss Heavenly Plush


DT-Paw Patrol Fleece PW-4048-5A-3 Lt Pink/Multi - Paw Patrol Pup Power


DT-Paw Patrol Fleece PW-4367-0A-3 Navy - Paw Alphabet Fleece


DT-Paw Patrol Fleece PW-4370-0A-1 Pink - Skye & Everest Doodles Fleece


DT-Paw Patrol PW-4343-0C-2 Gray - Chase, Marshall & Rubble


DT-Paw Patrol PW-4353-0C-2 Pink - Team Skye & Everest


DT-Real Tree Camouflage Fleece RT-0002-MA-1 Multi - Edge 2 Camo Fleece


DT-Real Tree Camouflage RT-0001-9C-1 Pink - Real Tree Edge 1


DT-Real Tree Camouflage RT-0003-9C-1Green - Real Tree Extra


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2350-0C-1 Black/Multi - Raindance Argyle


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2350-0C-2 Gray/Multi - Raindance Argyle


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2351-0C-1 Red/Cream - Woven Diamonds


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2352-0C-1 Teal/Orange - Tribal Mystic


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2352-0C-2 Coral/Teal - Tribal Mystic


DT-Southwest Corners DX-2353-0C-1 Orange/Multi - Packed Feathers


DT-True Timber Camouflage Fleece TT-1000-MA-1 Pink - True Timber Conceal Camo Fleece


DT-True Timber Camouflage Fleece TT-1000-MA-3 Blue - True Timber Conceal Camo Fleece


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